Submit A Story

“If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d all be millionaires.” Abigail Van Buren

Unique stories and experiences are what make life interesting. Because a good portion of our adult lives are spent at work, it’s only natural to have a few “war” stories from our days in the work trenches. If you would like to submit a story for a possible sequel to All in a Day's Work for Real Estate Agents – Humorous and Heartwarming Stories, or another career area, simply e-mail

Careers we are actively considering include:

  • Women in Business
  • People with Disabilities
  • Business Owners
  • Flight Attendants
  • Librarians
  • Nurses
  • Mail Carriers

Or send us a compelling reason why your career field should be added to the list, along with your complete contact information for follow up.

We are interested in stories from all over the world, with the understanding that the publisher only has immediate plans for these books to be printed in English. 

Submission guidelines for the All in a Day's Work career series:

  1. All stories must be true. Stories can be funny, bizarre or touching in nature and must somehow relate to your career field.

  2. Any names included in the final piece (such as a customer, client, patient, co-worker, boss, etc.) will be changed to protect the innocent.

  3. All people with stories selected for inclusion in the book will be sent a permission/approval form to sign and promptly return.

  4. Stories selected and re-written for publication will become the property of Work Like A Dog Books. You are basically giving us all rights to the story. This is primarily done in case we need to reprint the story online, in a newspaper or magazine, or in a “Best of” book compilation.

  5. Stories/subjects included in the book will receive:
    1. a brief byline with the nonfiction piece
      (Sample:  Jamie Smith is a real estate agent with 12 years experience in Round Lake, Illinois. Prior to entering real estate, she attended the University of Michigan and has experience in the banking industry. Jamie works with XYZ Realty an can be reached at or by visiting her web site at
    2. two complimentary copies of the All in a Day=s Work book (unless the piece is so brief it appears in the brief recap “Tidbits” section, in which case, the person will receive one complimentary copy).
    3. assistance with local PR, announcing you are part of this unique career book series.
    4. a discount on any additional copies you might wish to purchase.